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Best Safes in Ireland 2018

In light of increasing crime statistics, when choosing a safe to secure your most precious items, ensure you choose the right safe that will protect your items. Ensure that the safe is certified to European standards. There are manufacturers certs and country-specific certs that may not insure your valuables. The most recognised and accepted cert in Ireland is the European certification ECBS (European Certification Board Security) There may be many security and insurance issues with second-hand safes to be aware of. There is a separate certification for safes for A) holding cash and valuables B) Documentation C) Computer media. So choose carefully to ensure you have the correct safe. One of the most trusted and long established safe brands in the country is ChubbSafes and websites such as provide valuable information on certification, security options, and product detail.

What are the best Domestic Safes?

When choosing a safe for your home, it is very important to choose carefully. A good quality safe in your home can be used to secure your valuable documents such as passports, property title deeds, sentimental family items, as well as cash and jewellery. Remember “you get what you pay for”. So by choosing the cheapest safe from your local hardware store, will not be the best way of securing your valuable items. In fact this may be the worst thing that you can do, as a low quality, uncertified safes will make it very simple for a burglar to gain entry to your items. So choose a good quality, certified safe. Remember that domestic safes are generally small in size and easy for a potential burglar to take away, so you must ensure that the safe is bolted to a solid wall. Domestic safes are available in a key lock or electronic lock. If you choose a key lock safe, then ensure that the key to the safe is adequately secured and never left with the safe. You can choose to install the safe yourself or instruct the supplier to deliver, install and bolt fix the safe for you. Companies that provide such services are

What are the best Commercial safes?

In any commercial environment, it is very important to ensure that the safe you have, adequately provides the protection and insurance that you need. Whether you hold cash or valuables or both in the safe, you need to ensure that you have the correct standard and certification of safe. The higher your cash holdings, the higher the certification grade you will require. It is a good idea to check your current safe to ensure that it is up to the correct standard and has the correct certification, otherwise, an insurance assessor may refuse to pay on any potential claims. Advice on ensuring that you have the appropriate standards in place is available on websites such as and you can also call to discuss any queries you may have. You will be provided with expert advice free of charge and without any obligation. There are many options in choosing your safe such as deposit drawer, envelope slot, capsule chute etc. You can also choose additional security options to improve the security of your safe, such as timelock, time delay lock, IP locks etc. The more additional protection you put in place in your safe, the more you will protect your staff and your business.

Best Products to Store Important Documents?

Many precious documents are irreplaceable and so when securing your valuable and confidential documents, it is very important to ensure that it is properly certified to European standards, otherwise, you may find that your safe will not protect your valuable documents in the event of a fire. If you currently hold valuable documents in a cash safe, this safe may not protect your documents against fire. Document safes are designed specifically to protect the paper documents against fire. Fire safes are available with different levels of fire resistance from 30mins. up to 2 hours. So always choose a fire safe that is certified to European standards and remember, the higher the fire rating, the more protection you will provide for your valuable documents.

Best Products to Safeguard your Computer Media

Computer media such as CDs, DVDs etc. require additional protection against fire. A standard security safe will not protect your computer media against fire. In fact a document fire safe will not protect your computer media against fire. Computer media requires at least three times more protection than documents in the event of a fire. Data can be wiped off discs at relatively low temperatures in the event of a fire. Computer media safes are available in different levels of protection form 30 mins. fire resistance to 2 hours fire resistance. It is very important to ensure that you choose a European certified computer media safe to effectively protect your computer media against fire. Computer media fire safes are available with fittings options of shelves, pull out drawers, dividers rec.

What are the best small budget Safes?

If you are restricted to a budget when purchasing a safe, the most important first step is to ensure you choose the correct type of safe. Decide whether you are looking for a security safe to hold cash or valuables or a fire safe to hold paper documents or computer media. Once you have made this choice then ensure the category of safe that you have chosen is certified to European standards. Then within the European standards, you can choose the minimum certified standard if this is what your budget restricts you to. So for a cash/valuables safe, you can choose a certified safe that will cover you to hold up to €2,500. For a document fire safe, you can choose the lowest certification of 30 mins. and for a computer media fire safe, you can also choose a 30 min. certified safe. These safes will only cover you for the entry level of certified safes, but by choosing these European certified safes, you will still be choosing a safe that in most cases will be far more secure that uncertified safes. Also, because the safes are certified, they will offer a minimum level of acceptance by insurance companies.

Top Security Cabinets 2018

Security cabinets are designed to secure large volume items such as cigarettes, spirits, and other valuable bulky items. When choosing a security cabinet, it is very important that it meets European certification standard, otherwise, you will not know what level of security your cabinet provides and you may also find that it does not offer insurance cover. Security cabinets are available in many different sizes and with different fittings. Choose a well-known brand that is well established in the market and that provides the necessary European certification. One of the longest established and well-respected brands in Ireland is Chubb Safes.

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