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SafeStore 2000C is a safe deposit locker range utilising the vault space with attractively designed lockers and cost effective visiting routines. To suit different customer demands, the SafeStore 2000C is available in three models with column heights at 1720mm, 2020mm and 2220mm. For other requirements, SafeStore 2000C can be delivered in specified heights. Various locker heights are also available from 50mm up to 600mm.
Additionally double width columns are available for large lockers. The standard cassette is made of soft fibre material with gold anodised edging for efficient utilisation of the locker’s volume. The cassette is standard for all locker heights up to 300mm. As an option the cassettes can be delivered in steel or plastic. Extra protection for storing of data media can also be provided.
The SafeStore 2000C locker door has a unique security design to protect against a range of physical attacks. The units are approved in accordance with stringent security standards, as laid down by the Swedish Banks’ Security Committee.
SafeStore 2000C lockers can be accessed via an electronic lock through the innovative locker management software solution, SafeControl, the SafeStore RBM locker management system or via a manual locking system. As standard, the lockers come with a manual and electronic lock and come ready to be equipped with the SafeControl or SafeStore RBM system.
The client lock 32A81S is optional and can either be delivered from the factory or simply installed from a sealed container when the locker is hired, to avoid illegal copies of the client’s key. The state-of-the-art electronic lock for each locker is connected to the SafeControl or SafeStore RBM system which immediately sounds an alarm when an attempt is made to manipulate or physically attack the locker. In addition, all events are recorded in an audit trail.
The SafeStore 2000C range is attractively designed, available painted or in stainless steel. This allows the lockers to be integrated with the bank’s interior design to ensure continuity even inside the vault. The flexible layout options in the SafeStore 2000C allows the expensive vault area to be well utilised as well as ensuring an attractive environment.
Quality and environmental management systems
SafeStore 2000C safe deposit lockers are all manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system.
Quality control
The SafeStore 2000C range has been developed and continuously tested according to the existing European norms with the aim of guaranteeing quality and assuring customers that the products live up to the highest expectations.