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ChubbSafes SG1DT1

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Key Features:

  • Recommended insurance rating of up to €15,000
  • Deposit feature allows multiple users to constantly deposit cash and valuables securely whilst the main body of the safe remains locked
  • Deposit drawer secured by double bitted key lock.
  • Please choose delivery options.

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    Bolt fixing a safe, means that the installation team while installing the safe will also bolt the safe to the floor, to give extra security in securing the safe in to position.

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    *Please note each safe comes with 2 keys as standard.


ChubbSafes SG1DT1 Deposit safe

ChubbSafes SG1DT1 Deposit safe is designed to protect your cash and valuable items from theft.

  • Cash can be deposited at any time but can only be withdrawn under controlled circumstances
  • Safes have standard locking and fittings and you then have the option to choose different locks and fittings if required
  • Extra security can be provided by choosing Timelocks and or Time Delay locks. Timelocks ensure no access to the safe for long periods of time, such as overnight. Time delay locks are to help prevent day time robbery so that the safe cannot be accessed for a period of time eg. 15 minutes
External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Volume Weight
HeightWidthDepth*HeightWidthDepth Litres** Kg
882 528 603460 360 36060525
*Projection of electronic lock and handle (56 mm ) not included.
**Internal volume does not include allowance for anti-fishing devises,

NB. If base or rear fixing is ordered customer could be asked to sign a disclaimer at time of delivery.