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ChubbSafe SDEP3K - Deposit safe

How do you know if you are choosing the correct safe or indeed if you currently have a safe, how do you know if it is the correct safe for your requirements?

You should follow these simple steps.

1. Decide if you need a fire safe or security safe – As they are very different products

2. If its a fire safe that you require, is it for holding paper or computer media or both – again they are very different products

3. If its a security safe that you require, decide on the value of cash or valuables that you will hold, as this will dictate the level of security required for the safe

4. Check that the safe is European certified to the relevant independent European certification standards

Dont assume that because you have a safe, that your possessions are safe. There are enormous variances when it comes to safes standards and certification. Dont wait until an insurance assessor reviews your safe and may confirm that your safe wasn’t up to the required standard and therefor not insured.

If you’re not sure what standard your existing safe is or if you need advice on a new safe, we will advise you at no cost and no obligation.

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