Factors To Consider

Don’t be fooled by cheap uncertified safes brands.

If you need to secure your cash or valuables, choose the brand you can trust, CHUBBSAFES trusted for generations. Many other brands are certified by non-European accepted certifying organisations or certified “in accordance with” European certification. When you purchase a Chubb safe from us, you are guaranteed a new, highest quality, Chubbsafe product.

Many safes supplied nowadays may be second hand and the supplier may or may not make you aware of this. Both non- European certified product as well as “certified in accordance product” and also second hand products, can leave you the customer with a false sense of security. Your insurance company may well accept the quality of the product that your supplier may confirm to you, but in the event of a theft from the safe an insurance assessor will check all details including year of manufacture, security rating, certifying organisation, serial number verification etc. If this information is not available or proves to be “not to required standard” the insurance assessor may not cover any potential claim.

Please contact us for the best advice and ensure you are supplied with the correct genuine product for your requirements. Don’t take a risk, deal with the professionals.